For a fantastic shopping experience, don’t miss our quarterly Friendship Gatherings.
We have representatives from almost all of the vendors in Gauteng and other provinces together in one place!


Information for Vendors

• All tables must be paid for at least 7 days before the meetings so planning can be completed timeously.
• Maximum of 6 tables per vendor due to space restraints.
• You pay an annual R350 fee, which entitles you to 1 table at each of the gatherings ( i.e. 4 times per year). After that you pay the per table charge of R120 for each additional table required. In other words, you only pay from table 2 and further. This option is cost effective if you will be coming to all of the gatherings. This fee includes your R200.00 membership fee that entitles you to all the normal stuff.
• If you would like to pay per each friendship gathering and not in full for the whole year that is also fine. The cost per a table is R120.

Vendor Advertising:

• Vendors may advertise in the quarterly newsletter. The rate is R175 for a half page advert, or R300 for a full page advert.

• Advertising on the home page of the website costs R250 annually, with an additional charge of R250 if any formatting of the advert has to be done.

• Listing on the website under the vendor section costs an amount of R150 annually.