The Golden Rand Guild is a non-profit organisation whose main aim is to foster the art of quilting and textile related art in and around Johannesburg. GRG in turn is affiliated to the South African Quilters’ Guild, which is the governing body for South Africa.

We promote a philosophy of all Quilters being equal, no matter their level of expertise. To this end, Quarterly Friendship Gatherings are held to promote skills, knowledge, friendship and camaraderie amongst all quilters. Through demonstrations and talks at these gatherings, expertise is gained from accomplished quilters who are more than willing to share their skills and knowledge. In addition to this, many of our groups are involved in “Share & Care” projects to facilitate the art of quilt making in groups where these skills can be used for financial gain and personal enhancement.

Whether you are a seasoned quilter, a beginner or have an innate curiosity about the craft, we encourage you to attend our Friendship Gatherings and see for yourself the benefits of joining this wonderful group of quilters.

Quarterly Friendship Meetings

At these meetings we offer:

– Guest speakers
– Demonstrations
– Raffles
– Show ‘n Tell
– Handouts / gifts
– Lucky draw for Show ‘n Tell participants
– Quilt display
– Quilt evaluations on request
– Contact with other quilters
– Refreshments
– Shops galore