Welcome to the Golden Rand Guilds website. We hope you will find all the information on the website useful. Should you have any news or event that you think our quilters would like to know about please contact us on our email address.

On 7 November 1987 The Golden Guild was founded at the Lappieskerk in Fontainebleau Rabie Street, Randburg, Transvaal.

The name caused a little problem and after some discussions, was changed to  Golden Rand Guild, Home for Quilters and other Textile related Artists and Craftsmen. This comprehensive sentence was substituted with ‘for quilters’ Fortunately, as we experience it now, the quilters include all the textile related artists and craftsman and their contribution is precious for the future.

Quilts have always been a unifying force among women, a common creative interest to be shared, a source of both communal pride and personal accomplishment.  Women support each other in and through quilting, uniting periodically in formal and informal gatherings, groups and meetings where they inevitably share each other’s lives, trials and tribulations as well as quilts in progress and where they can, encourage each other with ideas and words. Groups are popular wherever quilt making is thriving. The group provides the support and the environment  of speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways. Quilt making is one of the most precious and memorable things you can create with fabric.

The GRG can be proud of the contribution they have made to the South African Quilting scene. We have presented three major National Festivals, one in combination with Jakaranda Quilters Guild. Our members and their loyalty is still our number one priority.

We have four exciting Friendship Gatherings every year to extend our knowledge and to be exposed to the latest news, books, gadgets and fabrics on the market.